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A liquid, gel or light milk sunscreen may be Nose Itch: Introduction. Come to East Tennessee Children's Hospital for all your pediatric health needs, from urgent to regular preventative care. It finds range of applications from restorative dentistry to orthodontics. The depth of the etch that's achieved depends on the concentration of the acid and the amount of time it is left on the enamel's surface. I cleared my throat. Give artificial respiration if not breathing, and get immediate medical attention.

However, in many cases the rash seems to be triggered by one or more of the following: Recently, a study has found that some sun creams used on the face may be a trigger for perioral dermatitis in some children and adults. Then you can ice it again for another 10 mins, and so on, until you think that Ceram-Etch Gel 9. The thickness of a tooth's enamel varies by location. Most chemical burns occur on the face, eyes, arms, and legs. Expected outcomes On completion of the module, the dentist: A few drops placed in the ear will help to decrease the amount of itching.

Yassin; 3S. We make it easy for you to do business with us. Environm ental precautions Avoid release to the environment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor in the United States immediately. The tissue on the roof of your mouth is easily susceptible to burns. I wish I could change these dental filling, but I do not have the money. Place a tea light or votive inside the luminary and burn on a candle holder. A candidal rash around the anus may be raw, white or red, and itchy. Like most caustic chemicals, when acids contact the skin, they cause damage in the form of a burn.

The health benefits of drinking lemon water are very well documented. Beautiful, crown chakra third eye chakra throat chakra heart chakra solar chakra sacral chakra root chakra lotus flower Yoga art, art for meditation, chakras, mindfulness Six-pack abs, gain muscle or weight loss, these workout plan is great for women. A belt system for emergency first aid following a small chemical splash, when portability is critical e. Monroe Carell Jr. Peptides C. It just help nourish and protect the tooth after the etch. Shop our best deals in 20 years with huge savings in every category.

Itching is common with allergic reactions, such as food allergies or other types of allergy. Providing only the best dental care, we focus on putting our patients at ease so you can look forward to your appointment.

Sharp blows hit your shoulders, your back and when your head hits a nothing that feels a lot like concrete you black out entirely. Nose Itch: A feeling of wanting to scratch the skin in the area on or around the nose. Generally, the etch depth lies on the order of 30 microns or so. I did not buy his explanation and went to see my own doctor immediately. Call or message us today. The reactions range from mild rash to a combination of the most serious manifestations of anaphylaxis.

Treatment and prevention of canker sores mouth or aphthous ulcers information is provided. Gresco Products, Inc. Permanent damage can result. Henry Schein is a worldwide distributor of medical and dental supplies including vaccines, pharmaceuticals, financial services and equipment. Regarded as a legendary healing compound, scientific evidence shows that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and bleaching is actually harmful for teeth and may cause tissue irritation and teeth sensitivity and compromise long-term dental health. If you have specific health questions or problems, consult a health care professional for personal medical advice.

They are really friendly, sometimes bordering on corny, but I like that. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions on how to make, cook, grow, or do almost anything. If your sensitive teeth cause severe pain and other treatments aren't effective, your dentist might recommend a root canal — a procedure used to treat problems in the tooth's soft core dental pulp. Allergic reactions to dental materials, drugs require an alert response from practitioner. In rare cases, Lipitor can cause a condition that results in the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue, leading to kidney failure.

Hashimoto Has Such AV Debut 1 Anniversary Of Work S-Cute Urara 2 SEX that will burn sensitive body of a beautiful girl Abstract Hydrofluoric acid etches porcelain to produce a porous surface visible under scanning electron microscopy when compared to an acidulated phosphate fluoride gel. Serotonins E. Washing your hands too frequently or using harsh soaps can quickly dry out your skin.

Serious eye damage H May be corrosive to metals. Throat dam suction device and methods of use. For similar reasons, dilute hydrofluoric acid is a component of household rust stain remover, in car washes in "wheel cleaner" compounds, in ceramic and fabric rust inhibitors, and in water spot removers. You can have tingling all over your face or on just one side of your face. Refer to other sections of this SDS for information regardin g physical and health hazards, respiratory protection, ventilation, and personal protective equipment.

Dental x-rays are a common diagnostic procedure that is considered extremely safe. By doing so, as reported by Food Matters, you unlock a whole range of benefits that include boosting the immune system, improved digestion and strengthening of the liver. Prostaglandins D. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. An abscess is usually caused by a bacterial infection that is often due to poor dental hygiene. Dental or enamel fluorosis occurs when excess amounts of fluoride are Material w ill not burn.

Most of the time, the definite or exact due of itching is not specified or even its complete cure is not guaranteed by any prescribed medication. In the highest exposure group, no eye irritation was reported, but three subjects reported upper airway irritation itching or soreness of the nose or throat with scores of greater than 3, and one subject reported a lower airway irritation chest tightness, soreness, coughing, expectoration, or wheezing with a score of greater than 3.

It is known that radiation, in large doses, can cause mucositis involving the entire mouth and pharynx. I do not have punctured eardrums, nor have I had any other problems with my ears. The dentist I went to was informed of my petroleum product allergy, but he put in acrylic fillings in me. Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as an antibacterial agent, but there are contrary opinions about its effectiveness. It tasted like I just drank gasoline, and it still burns down my throat.

Its severe and sometimes delayed health effects are due to deep tissue penetration by the fluoride ion. As a patient or family member, it is important for you to understand the health care you receive. The seal is like putting a clear coat of finger nail polish on finger nails. The patient may aardvark aardwolf aaron aback abacus abaft abalone abandon abandoned abandonment abandons abase abased abasement abash abashed abate abated abatement abates abattoir Tingling in face can manifest in a few different ways. Hazardous Corrosive. He is the founder, editor-in-chief and host of Emergency Medicine Cases.

Hannah's job is to care for Josef until he is stable enough to be transferred. A human hair is 50 microns. If facial itching is accompanied by tongue or throat swelling, difficulty breathing or vomiting, seek medical attention immediately. Acid burns frequently occur in the home or at work. In a general sense, itching is the most common sign indicating that a person has a dermatological or skin disorder. Frequent Use of Harsh Soaps. Lee Ann Brady on e. Hannah, a recluse who wears a hearing aid, is forced by her employer to take a vacation. If you plan to start fires, get the cheapest one you can find.

If the ear is infected the alcohol will burn. Have the product label or MSDS with you when calling or going for medical treatment. Topics under Aphthous Ulcer. When the Eustachian tube is open as it is normally, it prevents fluid and air pressure from building up inside the ear. At its thickest, it's on the order of microns.

Concrete that hasn't been treated in any way after being poured can be too hard and smooth to accept paint or protective sealants. It is highly corrosive. Firstly, if you are having ongoing ear issues, you should consult a doctor so that she can clean your ear if necessary and prescribe ear drops. It's not going to burn you or anything. Though it is a common problem caused by weather changes. Courtesy […] PDF On Sep 12, , Serafettin Demirci and others published Death Scene Investigation from the Viewpoint of Forensic Medicine Expert First and second terminal heads are respectively carried at the anterior and distal ends and adapted for attachment to first and second teeth of a dental arch.

Premier Dental Products Company provides no warranties; either expressed or implied, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of data contained herein.

Dental etch burn in throat

We find that brushing with baking soda which has a really low abrasivity of 7 on the RDA scale is a safe way to gently polish the built up food and drink stains The official UK National Lottery website. Hours later, it still is bothering my throat and making my stomach a little upset. Their efficacy may not have been scientifically tested to the same degree as the drugs listed in the table above. Inhalation:Inhalation of mists may cause irritation of the nose, throat and upper respiratory tract with coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath.

Effects of Long-Term Chronic Exposure: At low concentrations: Can cause dry, red, cracked skin dermatitis following skin contact. Point of Return…. To level the top of the luminary, heat a cookie sheet on the stove and place the luminary top-down onto the hot sheet and melt the edges until level.

The following products are considered to be alternative treatments or natural remedies for Aphthous Ulcer. So what can you do to preserve your tooth enamel besides avoiding it? We guarantee authenticity on every product sold. We guarantee delivery in perfect condition. We guarantee you will be happy with everything or we will give you a full refund. That's our promise to you. We have been in the import game for over 10 years.

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Buy Now. Soleil clutch-size lip balm by Tom Ford. Closed 22 Apr 19 ThatBlondePublicist All Items. Each of my doctors agreed with the validity of this drug, no one has questioned it. So, who knows what his replacement will do re morphine. Also, I have Arthritis, stenosis, spondylitis and fibromyalgia. Recently, a fracture entered the panoply and it has ramped up every spinal condition many times over.

A teacher was my first career, then raising two children with my then husband but I did the child rearing. Called to ordained ministry,I got a MDiv Degree cum laude I worked too hard and health declined, pain increased, had two sinus surgeries- the second was to save my life, cancer etc etc. I loved pastoral ministry Presbyterian USA but had to give it up. But I chaplained for hospice and started my own counseling practice which included supporting those dealing with breast cancer.

In summers I assisted the pastor of my local church in our Oregon summer home. Etc etc. I will pray for you—? Not empty words. I really will. When I get down, as I am now dealing with this fracture and on seventh bout of CDiff.. It now surpasses MRSA as number one global killer. It helps many in our situation s to keep a journal. Share your pain and mental suffering with it. May life begin to feel worth getting up in the morning! Blessings, Rev. And they wonder why some people turn to the streets.

Will it stop the high seekers? Nothing will, except them. It will help the millions of people suffering in pain again after years of managed pain and better quality of life. Going to make the heroin problem worse. Watch and see. Guarantee it. I can relate to your story.

I have had the same primary care doctor for over 15 years. I have been on hydrocodone and Valium for longer than that and have never had any problems with my pain as long as I took my medicine. I have degenerative disc disease with arthritis of the spine from a serious injury since I also had sciatica from the spine injury which is now eliminated due to they pain medication. The valium, usually for anxiety or muscle relaxant, has helped in conjunction with the hydrocodone.

I also have been diagnosed with arthritis in one knee and in one hand. My doctor monitors me once a year and has me sign a contract stating that I will not do any of the following: Sell the pills Taking meds prescribed Do not loan or give them to a friend Do not discard unless I give them to him if I decide to stop taking them which I would never do the first place.

I hope you feel better and get a doctor who will help you. God bless you. I started having problems in , after an auto accident. When the doctors tried to prescribe stronger meds, I declined. Just had a full body NM scan. My rheumatologist offered me tramadol. All test for inflammation were elevated.

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The rheumy has 53 condirions listed in my records, all proven, except CRPS. My autoimmune diseases are active. They should treat every case different. Good luck everyone! I was borderline suicidal before I was started on the pain medicine because living constant pain and unable to work or live life and take care of your kids is a depressing ordeal. I have bilateral pars defect, spondolysthesis and severe forarminal narrowing. I have never abused my pain meds and never asked for a dose increase. I feel for all the cancer patients truly but I may not have cancer but I still have chronic pain everyday even with the pain medicine but it does make it at least manageable.

I had thought about surgery prior to getting started on the medicine but my doctor told me I was entirely too young that I would continue to have to have surgery over and over and at this point I was married and could have had the surgery with support. I honestly believe by doing this they r gonna see a increase in Suicides. Why are we being punished because of these idiots wanting to get high and overdosing. If u have proven problems on your scans then u should be able to have your medicine!!

Well it damn sure was that bad before I was ever started on the pill but what do I know I guess they just started me on them for no reason from the beginning. She has changed to the point that she has no compassion at all since these laws changed. Yeah I just woke up one day and said I wanna get hooked on pills…. I mean come on! I just wanna be able to work!! Please someone do something!! I just hope one day the ones that are passing these laws find themselves in our shoes.

I feel you girl! There should be a law to protect us too not just the doctors! We all need to stand up against this! We all need to go to the board or whomever it is! They should not get paid to forget our pain as well, so unfair! We should not be cut off by our doctors if we have been on pain meds for so long! This is what we need laws set in place to protect us against this! Surely there is a doctor out there that will accept you and will continue to write them.

Good luck and God bless! I will give an update after my appt. I never want to Resort to drinking as beer has gluten in it and all it does is make me tired that opiates help me keep going for the day and get things done. I pray that you get The help that you deserve! Im from Texas and the laws here are horrible. We were very active sex and outgoing fishing hunting. Give Pain Doctors and Neurologists the ability to prescribe Vicodin for those who cannot get out of bed without an opiate painkiller. I want to vote for you again, but if another candidate promised pain patients the personal relationship with a doctor willing to do his or her job, given the ability to prescribe opiates without the fear of losing his license, I would have to vote for that candidate.

I am glad to see that many people are being helped by medical marijuana, but I do not want to live my life out of touch with reality. I used to take opiates when it was legal for my doctor to prescribe them, and I was active in law. I was able to raise a smart child and musician who is now looking at schools to earn his Doctorate.

I did not abuse my pain medication. I took it as prescribed.

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These new SNRIs drastically change my personality. Lyrica can even cause brain lesions. Please allow us to be treated fairly instead of killed off slowly. Think of how easy it became to have those opiates sent to your door, then order again and again from different sites, to get more even sooner. Sometimes I shudder when I do the arithmetic. Then you came along as our President and called out the opiate crisis. Now nobody can get pills online, but they are killing themselves with Heroin. Kind doctors who have practiced for decades have gone to jail or lost their license.

Through all of this, I am here, being told I am a model patient…. Of course I am. I am in pain, so I show up for my appointments, I pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in medical bills, I never refill a medication early; you see, even if I wanted to, there is a database linked to all of the pharmacies in the country which will alert the pharmacist that it is too soon to fill by law. Thirdly, there is my insurance, which will not let me fill a medication too soon: this sets off an alarm to the pharmacist, should we miss the first two safeguards the first one being ME.

You really do have current and future patients covered from any fraudulent activity, so why not allow the doctors to prescribe a 48 year old woman the only medicine that allowed her to have a life, freeing her from pain? People who abuse drugs are abusing themselves. I pray science can figure it out. When I was 22, I was hit by a drunk driver. My spine has never been the same. I was so young… newly married and our son was on the way. I swore by the time I was fifty I would have a titanium spine. I sure wish my letter would make a difference for Vicodin as a schedule III drug.

As long as you have been sent to a neurologist, pain specialist, or specialist for your particular injury, then have your primary doctor prescribe it, knowing there are safeguards in place that will not let anyone fill it any earlier than 28 days. Since my doctor has been prescribing medical marijuana, I have walked in and could smell skunky weed on people. I would be horrified, and my family would be mortified if I went around town with them, smelling like a total loser.

I just want to stay in my right mind and be that good and organized patient I know I can remain. I have gone through a miserable ten years, without adequate pain relief. Every day. I want to be useful in any small way. Every human wants a job to do. Please allow my doctor to prescribe me Vicodin again, so I can walk without crying out. I am begging to just allow me another shot at life. I am too young to be put away on the shelf. Either God will heal me, or He will get me the medicine I need. Thank you. There are no doctors currently who will prescribe marijuana. Marijuana at current time is illegal on the federal level.

I personally asked my pain management doctor about this and he said he would lose his license if he prescribed marijuana, as would any other mainstream doctor currently in practice. Even though mj is legal in my state, it is illegal at the federal level. I then asked him who does prescribe medical marijuana? And then you will have to pay up, similar to getting a license, and also it has to be renewed every year. On top of that, all the pain patients now chasing CBD oil and getting ripped off again and again. Going thru all this nonsense when a reliable prescription for opiates is covered by insurance and is usually not expensive.

The other side of the opioid crisis I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been on pain management, since I was a public school teacher for 10 years. I broke up a fight between two young men in the Middle School, and from that point on I have had medical issues that will be with me for the rest of my life. I need additional surgeries, but I am trying to put off future surgery, because of past complications from the surgeries and neurological damage.

I have been stable on the Fentanyl patches and Percocet for approximately 4 four years, and recently April my pain management doctor cut my Fentanyl medication in half, due to fear of reprisal from government retaliation due the guidelines being lowered for opioids. I was not given a choice to stay on my current dose. I was told that I had to lower my medication or leave the practice.

I was told by my pain management physician that they received a blanket letter from the CDC saying that all their patients have to be under 90 MME restriction. I am very vigilant with locking up my medication so that no one else has access to it. My pain management doctor drug tests me almost every time I walk into the doctors office I go to pain management every 4 weeks , and the my drug tests are correct with what is prescribed. I do not want to be on medication, this is not how I planned to live my life, but this is what I was dealt, and it helps me get through the day.

The medication does not take the pain away, it only takes the edge off so that I can function a little. I could do the little things in life that normal people take for granted. Since the drop of my Fentanyl in half my quality of life has changed drastically.

This current dose is inadequate for my pain. When I try to use my hands, like covering myself with a blanket, I get an uncontrollable pain in my hands. When I walk my knees and spine pain are unbearable. I can not sleep, I might get two 2 hours at best since the drop in my medication, due to the pain keeping me awake. I do not go any where, or do anything, because the pain is tremendous and it is unbearable and makes me cry. I do not cook, I do not visit with anyone, due the pain. My quality of life and function has decreased drastically. The quoted statics about illegal drug abusers, I am not one of those statics.

I am only trying to improve the quality and function of my life, and I was doing that until now. Quoting statics does not help my quality of life, we are not all round pegs going into a round holes, some of us are square pegs. The laws have to be changed, so that doctors and each individual can decide by looking at their individual health situation. My Health conditions were not even considered by anyone before my medications were dropped. Even pharmacists are making decisions on my medications, and do not have copies of my MRI, or medical records. We need help to restore the doctor-patient relationship.

The chronic pain management patients should not be penalized by people who abuse street drugs. The doctors should be allowed to make that decision patient by patient without the government interfering. The real problem is not with chronic pain patients, but with the illegal drugs that are causing deaths. Please take a look at the strictest states and see their death toll has only risen. You are hurting the people who truly need the prescriptions to function, because of the people who abuse street drugs.

The guidelines are changing for political reasons to show that the government is containing the epidemic and not helping the chronic pain patients that are truly and most vulnerable and in need. Please help me. This is a plea for sanity. Wow, ten years ago, you were me. I have been dealing with the same list of issues since Finally submitted to L5-s1 fusion in which failed and hardware replaced with larger titanium rods and screws and include a plate in front it the spine in This also failed but now I have additional nerve damage in my abdomen and lower back. It feels like I have a constant current running from my low back down both legs to feet.

In addition, I now have crps in both legs so they are burning and on fire without Prednisone which I can no longer take. Now my pain docs who I have been seeing since have decided I need to have my oxy cut down to 90 mme. The amount of stuff you can do in 5 minutes is nothing! My doctors are so scared if losing their licenses and getting arrested that they will not go against the recommendation even though these recommendations are for new and not existing chronic pain manegment.

We are all looked at as just a bunch of opioid losers and it makes no difference what our quality of life is. How ridiculous that street drugs are being ignored now because it is so much easier to bust doctors and patients.

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Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. You may want to try an otc supplement called PEA. It seems to be helping me. It takes about 5 weeks to get the right amount in your system but it seems to definitely be helping. It did help my sleep the first couple of nights but that was it for me. Best Wishes we. I truly feel for you. I have a medical condition that is called the suicide disease. In the first sentence of the definition state that it produces the most painful sensation known to medical science. When I first got diagnosed after 5 long unrealistically painful random episodes in my mouth area.

I had at this point spent about 25k having root canals and Apeco root canals wisdom teeth removed. Every sinus scan known. I never had done any drug period in my life. So I never took more than I was prescribed I never failed drug tests. Well I would guess not because I asked for 10 yrs please can we start titrations now to get me off these. He laughed at me as he said then why would you need me anymore this is how we make money.

Chuckle chuckle. I wanted to go rap his mother when I read his release letter to me in the mail. Not to my face or during a visit in the mail. Try a minimum of MG Day I take about 1, It will also help with constipation from opioids. I take about mg of Magnesium Oxide or Citrate for bowel regularity. Can get those at your local grocery store.

Developed at MIT by a researcher who Reversed Memory Loss in lab animals plus helps all the above…except not a laxative. Your pain doctor will be thrilled! The DEA makes it really difficult for regular doctors and medical providers even optometrists, dentists, GP who can prescribe opioids to manage acute pain for patients. It takes an extra minutes just to check a central data base Before prescribing or they get in trouble by state boards too. If you test negative then they will make you return in one month or kick you out of the pain management clinic. God loves you. Keep your sense of humor.

Hello I have seen both sides. I have had severe pain for the last 15 yrs. My brother died from heroine OD. If drug companies would be held accountable for every pill, mg,, mcg and cut the prices then that should help. Addicts need treatment and punishment. Make them watch a counselor interact wIth the child, mother, father, brother or sister of an OD victim. Amen, please update your story as my wife is in the same situation thank you Brian in Tennessee,brianlineberry10 gmail.

Amen to you. I am in the same situation. My pain management doctor cut my opioids and half also. Thank you for writing such a beautiful article I feel for you. Very powerful statement. You took the words right out of my mouth. How many suicides, I wonder, will it take to wake up the medical community? I only take Tramadol, basically the aspirin of the opioid world, and they are going to take that away from me. I have severe Fibromyalgia unbearable, even with the meds , and arthritis in my neck and lower spine.

I also have multiple disc issues — and they are pressing against nerves in my back. The pain is agonizing even with the Tramadol. I just wonder how many people will have to die because they simply cannot live anymore in agonizing pain, before someone stops the insanity. You are right there will be more suicides because people will not be able to get their pain meds.

I take percocets for my pain. I have scoleosis of the spine causing me to have constant siatic pain. Some days I can hardly walk at all the pain is so bad. Its not fair that we that take our meds like we are suppose to and not abuse them that we have to suffer because of drug addicts. The drugs addicts will try anything to get their high on and will die anyway because they will come in contact with the wrong drug one day. The percocets give me quality of life and helps manage my pain.

I want be able to do anything. The government has gone to SHIT. We no longer are a free country and its going to get worse people. These are the end times like the Bible says. The government is going to control us. Already happening. God bless you all we gonna need it.

My horrible life is almost identical to yours! Are you in AZ.? I am in Tucson and now, after another decreased dosage, i am going to call an attorney who handles disability cases. Maybe lawyers can help us, since our basic civil rights to buy medicine that we need has been taken away from us! Any ideas, email me. Really a year old person to suddenly stop??? The none caring Dr. Advised to start taking effxlor instead and that just stopping elavil cold turkey no problem…are they crazy so uncaring.. He picks their lies apart. I had a quality of life and was able to do water exercises with the aid of oxycontin.

I had been on the same dose for 17 yrs, never abused it, then the Doctor cut my dose to more than half and intends to taper me totally off. He keeps telling us how he is afraid to loose his license for prescribing opioids as over 70 doctors in Colorado thus far have had done to them. I pray for a quick death rather than a stroke which would leave me in even more of a vegetable. The professionals are going about this all wrong.

I am a 38yo female with six herniated spinal discs in my cervical and lumbar spine. I also have Spinal Stenosis secondary scoliosis and plenty of sciatica and peripheral nephropathy to boot. Suddenly I had to move back to Indiana and absolutely no prescribing practitioner within two hours radius of Indianapolis. My physicians were even cautious to prescribe gabapentin to me saying that it runs the risk of addiction.

So, my message to the physicians who are SOLELY responsible for this drug epidemic which is killing thousands, is that the blame is squarely placed on the irresponsible providers who have caused immense pain, suffering and a low quality of life for individuals who actually REQUIRE these opiate medications to live a quality life!

Shame on you all. Now the population who were abusing these painkillers are dying from drugs thousands of times more deadly and powerful and the problem has steadily been getting worse as all of you practitioners cease caring for the pain and suffering of your patients! You all screwed up by overprescribing opiate medications in the first place to gain profit from the drug companies and your greed has resulted in a deadly epidemic that only continues to worsen exponentially.

Carfentanyl, Suphentanyl… where are these drugs coming from? Point is… if there is a demand, there will be a supply… in either a legal or illegal fashion. To hell with all of you cowardly Physicians. Point is… if there will be a supply the demand will be met in a legal or illegal fashion. Congratulations western medicine, you never cease to amaze and disgust me. When I was 23 I had two accidents, one fairly major. The first one was when I was riding my motorcycle and someone pulled out in front of me and i laid it down…it fractured my pelvis and had road rash all over my body.

This was the least major of the two. The second I was on my way to work and was t-boned by a drunk driver.

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I was in a miata and they were in a huge suv like a tahoe. I was crushed in between the driver side and passenger side doors. It destroyed my left shoulder which i had to have anchors put in to hold together. It messed up my left wrist and i have a titanium pin in it now. It dislocated my scapula and tore the lower muscle connecting to it…nothing can be done for it. I also now have pretty bad nerve damage in my lower body and legs which cause pretty significant pain. I also now have Degenerative Disc and Joint disease in my lower back and neck and degenerative joint disease in both shoulders.

I go to a pain management doctor for all of this and i am extremely lucky to have a compassionate and caring doctor. Most doctors would be dismissive of me because of both my age and the fact i look ten years younger than i am…which is very upsetting.. Before i got my medicine I would just stay in bed because moving around could be torture at times. My medicine keeps me comfortable enough to be able to get up and enjoy life. I no longer think about suicide due to having something to take that edge off.

I worry about being forcibly taken off my medication in the future due to the severe stigma associated with opiates these days. If my medicine was taken away especially after getting to see a glimmer of hope of not living in agonizing pain daily without anything to take the edge off….. I just wanted to tell my story…hopefully it might help someone not feel alone.

I pray that they look at the science and data associated with most pain patients and not the few that abuse or sell their medications call me a dick, but i think they should be shot. Thank you for reading my story. I totally. I have had a back surgery and knee replacement and i need stronger meds. I got 7 at a time ,big deal. My pain is so bad from a fall at Wallmart and I also have syatic nerve damage down my fight leg. This is rediculous that people especially at my age may get addicted. Replying to Joshua with similar experience. I live in a part of the country that jumped all over that band wagon of blaming the patient for the medication.

I lost the entire containment of my abdomen from chest to groin to flesh eating bacteria from a bad surgeon who left my bowel nicked and leaking for a week. It had to be removed, dug out of my ribs, and I was left with my organs exposed. I went on an odyssey of 5 pain units in my tri-state area. I am allergic to all but methadone. When my use of mg daily was the high — my pain unit manufactured non compliance issues of missing appts which I could not have done and still gotten my pain med!

This left me bed bound and waiting to die. After the insane dissection surgery I was in hospital for two weeks. So a shot of 1mg 3 times a day left me in screaming agony. I had a doctor sit down in my room and say — You are a drug addict. Then I was unceremoniously told to go home and see my doctor that week. My quality of life is non existent. I have to lay on my bed with Oxygen to aid my breathing since my lungs descended into my abdomen while I was left to allow my organs to stretch out of my body onto my lap. Once I was closed the pressure on my lungs led to a near death hypoxic state in the intensive care unit.

When I accused the nurses of trying to steal my baby and give it to the doctor my body looked pregnant to me when I woke with all that packed on top of me like a stuffed suitcase! Dear God — the horrors we have endured , yes? And then we are vilified and of course I have a bottle I save for the day when my right to compassionate care is removed.

I could buy a legal gun and I have considered that as well — to make certain I have the last word on how long I will suffer and how much degradation I can tolerate — the gun is for ME alone — as a ultimate palliative care. This happened between the age of 42 and 54 for the last surgery. I have learned to accept my loss and hold on just distracting myself with TV, crocheting sounds so ridiculous! Life is not what I had hoped but I love many people and try to be compassionate and positive towards them and myself.

I needed to know I had the right to end my suffering if it was intolerable. I discussed it with my friends and family — even considering the legal means of going to a state for the last six months of life where it is legal to choose this option. If you are making it and have a good quality of life by having pain intervention — please hang on.

When the government decides to be our doctor and decides levels of medication are allowed — share your story with the news. Call your local representative and tell them your story. I am much relieved by the use of marajuana legally for chronic pain management. Even for the anxiety of the pain we suffer, it is a valid use. Far better than being pushed to extreme choices. Thanks to all who express these very human and pertinent feelings with our chronic pain. I have a herniated disc , touching a nerve, and I feel that is debilitating, and you have so much more. I have started low dose morphine every four hours.

How scary to interfere with much desperate needed medication, that you all need. My thoughts are with you all. Please let miracle healing ,happen. OK, I was hit by a radical driver as a pedestrian in October …sustained both legs broken in a few places, and fractured pelvis, lower back and a cracked skull. I was only 17 when it happened, so I was actually in pretty good shape after initial surgery on my legs. In , I had to get a meniscectomy on my left knee. The doctor Rxed me Percodan.

What is Percocet? Drug facts, side effects, abuse and more

Surgery after surgery after surgery they prescribed my more Percs…then OxyContin…up to mg per day in fact…no problem. Well, my doctor from till recently dumped me like a leper…gave me a marijuana prescription for Tweed, then cut me off cold turkey. Now, no doctor will prescribe me a Percodan to save my life. They were apparently wrong all these years…they blame it on Purdue agents and their bullshit propaganda…and now they expect me to trust them with their new theory?

Um, nope. That is poor. First vacation in a motel with a pool. I have to use a Walker and a scooter to get around.