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Markets Pre-Markets U. Let us distill this for you. Related Tags. Trending Now. News Tips Got a confidential news tip? We want to hear from you. Get In Touch. Amazingly good! This was my introduction to single malt and is still one of my favourites - a lovely, lovely whisky. Heat OP. If it's a favourite or you're just getting into whisky this is a decent malt. Always wait for a sale price. Not sure why. Not many bourbons comes close in flavour to this one. Cracking price got one myself.

Aldi supermarket scotch whiskey the best? One drinkers' journal says it is

Yeh bought a bottle the other day, posted the deal on here but it didn't do very well. I mainly drink Woodford Reserve, gentleman jack and rare breed when it's on offer , Jim beam single barrel is amazeballs as well. On the off-chance this was correct and they still had some in stock I have just visited my local Morrisons Netherfield Nottingham and returned with 3 full 70cl bottles for just 45 quid - still 2 bottles left on shelf as I didnt want to be too greedy Noticeable that there was no price on the shelf so had to ask HOT.

Wow, I'd have cleared the shelves at that price, it's my reference single malt of choice. It might be a simple distillation of fermented grain mash, but fine whisky is a magical drink. From Kentucky bourbon to Scotch, whisky comes in a huge variety of seductive tastes and rich aromas. Mankind has been making drinks that resemble whisky for hundreds of years, and the history of distillation stretches back all the way to Babylonian times. However, modern scotches, grain whiskies and bourbons are slightly more recent creations. At first, production was controlled by monks, but following the reformation and the destruction of the monasteries by Henry VIII, this all started to change, and commercialisation picked up speed.

In the 18th century, whisky continued to expand, even in the face of Malt Taxes. Scottish distillers resorted to producing the drink in clandestine locations, well away from the eyes of the taxman. By the early 19th century, whisky was everywhere, including the growing United States. Part of the reason lay in economic factors: whisky could be transported much more easily than mountains of grain, so producers had an incentive to produce it. They had no trouble finding willing buyers in cities like New York or London.

Nowadays, whisky has come out of the shadows and become a beloved drink all over the world. Britain still produces some of the very best single malts, but the USA, Canada and even Japan have plenty to offer as well. If you are looking for a kind of investment that is worthwhile and lucrative in the long term, you might consider sneakers yes! But have you thought of alcohol as a lucrative investment, especially whisky? The global status symbol meets a limited supply, which is why selected whisky brands are in high demand and are sold at extraordinary prices at auctions.

When it comes to single malt Scotch, there is one index that is important for whisky lovers: the Apex , which looks at 43, different bottles and has data on , records on different whiskies. On the Rare Whisky page, all current prices can be viewed on a monthly, three-month, half-yearly and annual basis. There is probably no other nation in the world that is as famous for whisky production as Scotland — where the luxurious drink originated. The "water of life" employs 10, people in Scotland alone, where 1.

There are five different factors that the connoisseur evaluates to determine the true price of a whisky. In addition to the variety and vintage, these include the circulation and special packaging of the bottle. If this is also related to a special event in history, prices can shoot up into six-digit amounts very easily.


When you think of Japanese alcohol, usually traditional sake comes to mind. But Japan is also known as a whisky stronghold by real aficionados. The producers of the Japanese single malt use a similar approach as the Scots. But also Russia, France and India have managed to establish themselves in whisky production. The raw ingredients for whisky are incredibly simple: a mixture of grains, yeast and water.

It then needs to be dried in a kiln, where the fire from wood or smoke gives it a distinctive taste and smell. As this takes place, enzymes in the malt get to work, converting the starches in the malt into sugars.

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Grain husks are then removed from the mash, and the fermentation process begins. Yeast is added, which works on the sugars contained in the mash, converting them into alcohol and aromatic compounds called congeners. The next step is to send the mash through the pot still and then the distillation apparatus. This process purifies the whisky, evaporating and then condensing the alcohol and aromatic compounds while removing water and yeast. Finally, this liquid is slightly reduced in concentration, then placed in maturing casks.

At least 3 years later though often as much as years later , the whisky is ready to bottle and sell. This process refers to Scotch whisky, but the process is broadly similar for grain or bourbon. There may be other differences too, such as Tennessee bourbon, which is filtered through charcoal. However, the fundamental core remains: fermented grains, distilled into a beautiful range of flavours and aromas. Here are a few of the most popular types to try:. Single malt whisky — The classic Scotch, single malts are made from malt, yeast and water, and tend to take on distinctive characters that depend on where they are made.

For instance, Speyside malts like Glenlivet or Glenfiddich tend to be lighter and sweeter, while Skye whiskies like Talisker are more peaty with a complex, earthy taste. Grain whisky — Made from other grains, like rye, oats, corn or wheat, and tend to have a very different character to single malts. Grain whisky is more drinkable and less complex, and it lends itself well to mixers and cocktails. Bourbon — Made famous by brands like Jack Daniels , bourbon is a type of grain whisky made from corn that originates from Kentucky and Tennessee in the American south.

Smooth and sweet, Bourbon varies depending on how it is filtered and the barrels used to mature it. Blends — These days, some of the best value in the whisky market comes from blended whiskies. Most scotches are blended at some stage, usually by expert blenders, resulting in more balanced and richer tastes. Obviously this varies depending on the type of whisky you enjoy and the region it comes from, but there are some ways to tell when you are drinking an inferior or superior whisky.

First and most importantly, good whiskies have personality. They possess a character that is uniquely their own and derives from the quirks of their distillation process. Bad whiskies just taste flat and alcoholic, not rich and seductive. Beyond that, good whisky usually has a purity about it. You can taste the quality of the water, and the taste emerges clearly and crisply even if it comes in stages.

It also has a culture and many ways to consume it. Here are some popular options. Whisky and water — Many people choose to water down their whisky to reduce the alcohol content and lengthen their drinks. This is fine for some people, but it does have consequences for connoisseurs.

Remember that whisky is produced using water from specific locations, and this water influences the taste. When you add tap water, some of this taste can be lost, making the whisky less distinctive. The best way is probably to add water slowly, so you can sample the taste as you go. Never just pout water straight in from the tap. Be careful to avoid drowning the beauty of your prized whisky. In some cases, sure. Ice works well with bourbons like Jack Daniels, but it can be problematic with Scotch.

You rarely see whisky fans adding ice to Scotch, so try to avoid it if possible. With mixers — What about mixing whisky with something other than water?

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Obviously, Jack Daniels and coke is an option. Jameson mixes well with Grenadine and lemon, bourbon and blood orange can work well, and Jameson and ginger is another winning combination. Stick to reliable brands like Jameson or JD instead. Neat — Some people are adamant that the only way to drink whisky properly is with no water or ice at all.

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You never know, you might find that no water is required. If you are thinking about investing in a case of fine whisky, why stop there? Whisky stones — Shaped like ice cubes but actually made of rock, these stones are designed to be pl aced in the freezer then added to whisky in the place of ice. Whisky glasses — Glasses from brands like Glencairn have been designed to bring out the flavour in Scotch thanks to their bulbous base and relatively narrow opening.

This enables air to enter the glass and mingle with the whisky, liberating aromatic compounds and allowing them to rise, without leaving the glass completely.

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Whisky racks — Every whisky fanatic needs somewhere to store their bottles, and bespoke racks are some of the best options. A rustic wooden rack works particularly well for Bourbon, recreating the look of a 19th century saloon. This is the second year that our Highland Black Scotch Whisky has been voted best in the world and we are thrilled it has performed so well again! You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

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